History of the Dungannon United Church

A closing ceremony was held on Sunday, July 25/2021.
As we read in a July 15/2021 article in The Lucknow
Sentinel, "the early roots of the Dungannon United
Church date back to the 1840's when Methodist services
were occasionally held by saddle-bag ministers"; the
first services in the Dungannon area were held in 1850 in
a private home.

By 1868, the Dungannon Mission Church was
completed, however, like in so many other communities
in the day, it was felt over time that the old frame church
was inadequate. While a brick manse was completed in
1906, work on a new church was not undertaken until
1908; a cornerstone was laid on Jul 22/1909; and the
opening service was held on Dec 19/1909.
In June 1925, the Methodist Church in Dungannon
became part of the United Church of Canada.
In 1985, we read that this church became part of the
Dungannon Union Pastoral Charge, which also included
Nile, Donnybrook and Trinity United churches.
However, with declining attendance here and elsewhere,
both the Donnybrook and Niles churches were closed,
and since 2014 monthly Sunday services were alternated
with Trinity United and a new alliance was formed with
the Knox United Church in Belgrave.
With COVID, few services could be held in the
Dungannon church, and the end became somewhat